Monday, September 05, 2005

I wish I owned, or at least was lead photographer for, an ironic t-shirt company

Seriously, I do.  Apparently all you do all day is take pictures of vaguely greasy indie-rock guys who look like they design restaurant menus for a living and then girls who at first glance look like they’re just very attractive fun indie girls, like the kind who might at ANY MINUTE start hanging out with you and letting you touch their boobies, but then if you actually look at them closely they are obviously models and as such are in LA getting spray-on tans and screaming at their publicists on their razr phones. for instance, or American Apparel (Carolyn?  Can you get me this job??).

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Boots said...

What about Threadless, aka the indie t-shirt website that started it all? You DO know that without Threadless, don't you? Anyway, if you did, you would know that you could totally photograph YOURSELF, and they might put it up, because they need losers like you, loser. It's totally indie like that.

-E. Hastings