Thursday, October 13, 2005

Is Drawn Together a very good series?

No, it is not.
It does have one funny episode where a few of the characters discover that Ling-Ling (their homage to Pikachu) secretes a hallucinogen when he is dissapointed. Of course, the concept of an emotion condensed into a substance has a very clear cartoon genealogy: the tears of ultimate sadness that Cartman's victim weeps.
Also, I am in possesion of a zoetrope that depicts Elizabeth Rossiter applying a flame to a cigar, clearly anticipating a pleasurable smoke, only to find, to her great dismay, that a saboteur has contrived to tamper with her cheroot, inserting into its end a substance or device which causes it to emit an actinic flash of light and foul sulfurous vapor, besmirching her face to a degree that she is indistinguishable from a spavined rag-a-bond.

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