Monday, October 17, 2005

I am So Proud of Lindsay Lohan

Seriously.  She has really pulled it together.  According to the most reliable sources (E! News Sponsored by Rampage) she is really nailing the accessories this season.  They also praised Jeremy Piven for wearing a velvet blazer, which I have been doing since 2003.
In other news I would like to register my desire, officially, on the internet, to be reborn as a savage opium-addicted Egyptian royal c. 50 BC.  It has everything I could possibly want: wigs, eye-makeup out to here, palanquins, slapping people, intense hair.  I could go on.  Seriously, Rome could not possibly be any better – I thought their wacky voyage to Egypt-Land would tank the series, but in fact it just provided more of what we love: wieners, beheading, and awkward sex.

PS This picture is not supposed to be Lindsay Lohan, guys. It's Cleopatra from Rome, played of course by Winona Rider's British equivalent.

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