Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So I took my new S-Works Turbo tires out in a drizzle today and I think they do provide better "suppleness" and "tolerance" and "gripsmanship" than my old Mondo Pros. So if you absolutely have to buy some new tires and they have to be S-Works Turbo clinchers then I am here to tell you that everything will be fine.

On the cute little pond loop by Napoleon Park I saw a rollerblader scare the DAYLIGHTS out of a man who was walking. The man took it in good humor. I also got chased, twice, by an adorable standard poodle. He had the doggy look of transcendent joy on his face. I think his owner was annoyed at me but I didn't want to stop and pet him and teach him that all cyclists want to say "a chew chew chew" and inspect his flews. I should write to The Ethicist, this is about his level of complexity.

Just outside my house I dropped a pretty lady on a hybrid with huge, laden panniers. I blew past her up a hill in the huge gears with my safety light blinking. This is about equivalent to beating a distracted toddler in a foot race - she was just pedaling along. About a block later I dismounted at my front door. She shouted "work that thing!" at me as she rode past - she was smiling so I think it was in good fun. Bicycling!

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