Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Excerpt from my "The L-Word" Tie-in Novella (NOT FAN FICTION!)

Evil lesbian nightclub owner Dawn Denbo stormed out of She Bar. "Curse Kit Porter and Helena Peabody!" she muttered, "I will make them pay for buying my nightclub and kind of humiliating me in front of a bunch of people!" But Dawn Denbo had not been paying attention as she walked into an alley. The alley was as dark as the soul of evil lesbian arriviste Adele Channing. Dawn Denbo walked past a dumpster, shivering with cold - or was it evil?
"BLAH!" yelled the vampire Lestat as he jumped out from behind some boxes or a parked car. "Drink from me and live forever!"
Dawn Denbo considered his offer.
"Also you can team up with me and Sonic the Hedgehog to get back at those conniving wenches from The Planet!" Lestat offered. "Sold!" replied Dawn Denbo.

Look for the novella in stores as soon as I get an agent and an offer for publication and iron out some minor intellectual property issues!

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