Saturday, January 07, 2006

He's a Hungry Fighter

Maybe the Best White Ninja Comic Ever.

Also, I'm upgrading my review of Battlestar Galactica from "pretty good" to "one of the best series I have ever seen." I would seriously rank it alongside Rome and maybe even Six Feet Under. It's ambiguous, intense, and makes me almost hysterical over the characters, who are now uniformly delightful (even Dr. Baltar and poor Number Six). I have rarely been as simultaneously happy and worried as I was this week when Commander Adama told Starbuck to shoot vile ol' Admiral Cain directly in the head. Superb television watchery. Even if you don't like sicence fiction, it's worth a shot, since it's very little about robots and lasers and much more about politics and people and dissapointment.

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