Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Porkchopolis Now, Redux

Much to my initial delight and eventual horror Josh Kogan has resurrected the cartoons from Bullseyeart.com in a new site, www.magicbutter.com.  So once again, after about four years, you can access Porkchops, Miss Muffy and the Muff Mob, Rat Chicken, Internet the Animated Series, etc.  The only problem is, he’s charging $4.99 a month for it, which is perhaps retarded, perhaps not.  Obvy almost every ironic post-college hipster can afford five bucks a month, and clearly I waste way more than $5 a month on, say, inedible takeout, gum, etc., but there’s a huge mental block to spending this kind of money on a site subscription.  He promises two new cartoons a month, but again, it stings that we now must pay for what used to be free.  How sharper than a serpent’s tooth!

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Ryan Edwards said...

You might want to know, my fellow Brooklynite, that we have relaunched it as a FREE site completely. New stuff coming out pretty regularly as well! The only caveat is we have put google ads on the site. Enjoy at your leisure!

By the way, there are two people whose names you are combining, Josh Kimberg and Nick Cogan. For more info, read the wikipedia page!

I think your porkchops is falling off! Do you like my hot Party Pants?